Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Over and Over again

I hate "re shoots".  Usually an image has to be redone due to an error in the recipe that will drastically effect the look of the final image or the food is so extremely ugly that the higher ups at Beyond Wonderful want me to re do it (sigh).  Sometimes you just can't make something really ugly look really good no matter how creative I am.  Now one of the perks of being a food photographer/stylist is that you get to eat the wonderful food at the end of the shoot.  I shoot everything in natural light and do not alter the food in anyway - what you see is what you get, and I get to eat it when I am all done.  The image of the strawberry shortcake did not need to be "re shot" - bummer.  This is my favorite recipe from Beyond Wonderful and of course it is so visually "pretty" that it was a no brainer, slam dunk, right out of the gates - done.  Too bad for me, right?  I could eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner, it's that good!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You've come along way baby

I literally had just given birth to my baby boy Sammy days before when I got the phone call.  The photographer for had just quit and they were in dire straights.  Me in a post birth delirious state offered up my so called "talents"...........C R A Z Y  I know. At this point in my life I was just rediscovering my love for photography and knew nothing about food photography or food styling.  The first shoots were out of control, screaming baby who could not be put down at all so I literally nursed and shot at the same time.  Food crashing to the floor, crappy lighting and to top it all off I was using a teeny tiny Kodak point and shoot digital camera.  Now, I just laugh it all off and reminisce about the good ole days and how far I've come. The "baby"  just turned six and I've moved onto natural lighting and shoot with  my beloved  Nikon D 80. The Apple Martini pictured to the left is not only one of my most favorite images but one of the most popular recipes on beyond wonderful.  It is a supper yummy drink that everyone must try.